Quinta da Romeira is located in the heart of one of the oldest export wine regions in Portugal, and the only DOC exclusive for white wines. Quinta da Romeira is owned by the Ferreira family, producing wine since the 17th century. 
Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, the Military genius behind the defense of the Peninsula against Napoleon, was himself surprised by the white wines of Bucelas, when he was in the region for the construction of the Lines of Torres Vedras. As a token of that appreciation, he sent them to the Prince of Wales. 

Quinta da Romeira has 130 ha in the sub region of Bucelas-Lisboa, 25 km north of Lisbon, 75 of which are vineyards, mainly of the Arinto grape variety. In addition to the area dedicated to vineyards, 50 ha of the Quinta da Romeira are dedicated to forest activity, apart from the 18th Century Manor house and its gardens. The soil, dating from upper Jurassic, is composed of calcareous marl and crystalline limestone with abundant presence of fossils like trigonia, oyster and bivalve, contributing to a unique minerality. The vineyards are planted on pronounced slopes, at 250 m altitude, protected from Atlantic winds by a ridge of hills. Cool and humid winters, warm and dry summers with humid nights, all contribute to a long and perfect grape maturation.

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