Maison L. Tramier & Fils is based in the heart of the Burgundy region, near Beaujolais.
Louis Tramier, an innovative and dynamic man, created his own wine business in 1842. He chose to establish his activity in Mercurey, whose wines already had a long-standing reputation, and acquired both a promising vineyard and one of Mercurey's finest cellars. Over the generations his descendants have been eager to expand and improve the family estate with prestigious parcels of Musigny, Clos de Vougeot and other well-known Burgundy names. At the beginning of the sixties, the domain launched its own vintage wine: the Roncier. Several generations of expertise were combined to produce a high-quality wine and the vintage has now made a reputation for itself. It has contributed to the company's rapid growth, pushing it up among Burgundy's top 50. Still under the management of the founding family, Maison Tramier continues its expansion today. In fact, it has recently purchased modern cellars in Mercurey, effectively tripling its production capacity. The Roncier is now successfully marketed within the USA, Europe and Asia. Moreover, since the completion of a modern fermentation cellar for the production of Château Mi-Pont, this appellation has developed into a most excellent wine.

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