Serena Wines, founded in Venice in 1881 by Pietro Serena, has produced this top-class WA PROSECCO. 
The Glera grape bring a bright, straw- yellow colour with a greenish hue.  Lively mousse and intense aromas of white flowers and golden apple. The taste is intense, fresh, and elegant with a following soft delightful after-taste. Served well-chilled this is the perfect way to start an evening.

FOOD PAIRING: The WA PROSECCO is a pure delight for an aperitif, as well as with appetizers or light courses, a great combination with fish or vegetables main courses and delicate fish courses. Try it with lightly grilled seafood or Nigiri sushi. The light sparkle will refresh our palate and allow the clean flavours of the fresh fish. Prosecco also pairs well with middleweight Asian dishes such as pad thai and rice noodle dishes. The residual sugar makes it a great companion to moderately spicy heat.

Ripe grapes from the hillsides of Valdobbiadene in Northern Italy are fermented into fresh white wine. Then a secondary fermentation is done in tank for a refreshing effervescence that brings it all to life. This is called the Charmat method.

Prosecco 75 cl Brut  / Prosecco Piccolo Extra Dry  20cl
Grape: Glera Alcohol: 11% Acidity: 5,3, Sugar: 11 g/L (Piccolo 16g/L), PH: 3,2

ORIGIN: Serena Wines  was founded in Venice in 1881 by Pietro Serena. The Serena family has for the last 130 years been dedicated to the creation of high quality wines as well as for creating their own story through innovative projects. With the vocation to share their vision of future wine making, Serena are genuine entrepreneurs and ambassadors of Italian wine making.

WA Wine AB, Storgatan 35, 27575 Lovestad, Sweden. info@wawine.eu