The WA PINOT NOIR is made with the noblest Pinot Noir grapes of the Burgundy Region. This wine brings out a fruity appeal with generous red berries and delicate spiciness, balanced with a nice minerality and pleasant finish.

FOOD PAIRING: The WA PINOT NOIR is great to pair with the Asian cuisine, a generous cuisine to which bringing expressive and sophisticated wines is important, wines like this that are moderately spicy, soft, and on the richer fruity side. This wine also goes well with Japanese beef based Yaki-Niku, as well as Korean and Vietnamese barbeque dishes.

Grape: Pinot Noir  Alcohol: 12,5 %  Acidity: 2,91g/L,  Sugar: 1,8 g/L,  pH: 3,61

ORIGIN: This superb wine is produced by Maison L. Tramier & Fils, based in the heart of the Burgundy region, near Beaujolais. Louis Tramier is an innovative and dynamic winemaker who creates wines with the purest expression of the Pinot Noir grape,  fruit-driven wines with the special expression given by the Mercury area, of outstanding minerality and heritage.

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