The WA ARINTO VINHO VERDE is obtained from a careful selection of the best grapes available in the famous Vinho Verde region of northern Portugal. The Arinto grape was cultivated in Portugal over 2200 years ago by the Romans.
The wine show a bright greenish yellow colour, and brings citrus and pineapple notes as well as an elegant fruity aroma. It has a perspirant citrus freshness and well-balanced complex aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: Pairing food with WA ARINTO VINHO VERDE is simple, as it matches and elevates a wide range of dishes. Deep-fried Asian dishes are a particularly good match as the citrus acidity cuts through the rich oil-fried crust. If you are a lover of chicken with citrus flavoured sauces or marinades this is the wine for you. It is a fantastic wine with any fried or grilled seafood, and goes especially well with fish. The residual sugar in the wine elevates the tasting experience with dishes of spicy heat.

The grapes used for the WA ARINTO VINHO VERDE are very ripe and vinified using the most modern technology. In the process, the grapes are fully destemmed, slightly pressed and fermented with a strict temperature control.
Grape: Arinto Alcohol: 12 %. Acidity 6,8g/L, Sugar 4,4 g/L, pH 3    
Winemakers: António Sousa, Nélia Gonçalves

ORIGIN: The Caves Campelo Estate is located in Barcelos 90 km north of Porto. The estate has been producing wine since 1951. It disposes over 55 acers in the Vinho Verde region, exposed to the Atlantic ocean and its influence.

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