The WA ARINTO is made from the finest white grape of the Estremadura district, in Bucelas near Lisbon on the coast of Portugal.  The Arinto grape was cultivated in Portugal over 2200 years ago by the Romans.
The wine shows a bright citrus color, and brings lemon/lime notes as well as an elegant fruity aroma. It has a mineral freshness and vibrant acidity .

FOOD PAIRING: Pairing food with WA ARINTO is easy. Deep-fried asian dishes are a particularly good match as the citrus acidity cuts through the rich oil-fried crust. It is a fantastic wine with any fried or grilled seafood, and pairs especially well with fish. It is also the perfect wine match for chicken with citrus flavoured sauces or marinades.

The grapes in the WA ARINTO wine are carefully pressed at low pressure, followed by alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures. Before its bottling, the wine is filtered and cold stabilized.
Grape: Arinto Alcohol: 12,5% Acidity: 6,3g/L, Sugar: 1,8 g/L,  pH: 3,3
Winemakers: Manuel Pires da Silva, Manuel Godinho

 This phenomenal wine is produced by the enriched estate Quinta da Romeira  owned by the Ferreira family, producing wine since the 17th century. The estate disposes over 130 acres in the sub region of Bucelas-Lisboa, 25 km north of Lisbon. The soil, dating from upper Jurassic, is composed of calcareous marl and crystalline limestone with abundant presence of fossils like trigonia, oyster and bivalve, contributing to a unique minerality. The vineyards are planted on pronounced slopes, at 250 m altitude, protected from Atlantic winds by a ridge of hills. Cool and humid winters, warm and dry summers with humid nights, all contribute to a long and perfect grape maturation.

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