The WA ALVARINHO is made from the premium white grape of the Vinho Verde district, located in the north of Portugal. The Alvarinho grape is known for its perfumed floral qualities. It was cultivated over 2000 years ago and was mentioned by the Roman philosopher Seneca in his writings.

WA ALVARINHO presents a citric colour and a complex fruit aroma. In the mouth it reveals structure and harmony with peach and sweet citrus notes. It has a vibrant acidity with a subtle minerality.

FOOD PAIRING: Sushi and Sashimi lovers are up for a food-pairing treat with Alvarinho. Also yakitori and the lighter side of the Korean kitchen are great friends with the grape. You can also enjoy it with the glass noodle salads of the south-east like Vietnamese shredded chicken salad.

The grapes in WA ALVARINHO wine are carefully pressed at low pressure, followed by alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperatures. Before its bottling, the wine is filtered and cold stabilized.
Grape: Alvarinho  Alcohol: 12,5 %  Acidity: 6,3g/L,  Sugar: 5 g/L,  pH: 3,3

ORIGIN: This exquisite wine is produced by the enriched family estate Casa de Vila Nova  owned by Baron Lencastre Family since 12th century. Casa de Vila Nova disposes over 29 HA in the sub region Sousa exposed to the atlantic ocean and hence the influence of it.

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