The WA ALVARINHO is made from the premium white grape of the Vinho Verde district, located in the north of Portugal. The Alvarinho grape is known for its perfumed floral qualities. It was cultivated over 2000 years ago and was mentioned by the Roman philosopher Seneca in his writings.

WA ALVARINHO presents a citric colour and a complex tropical fruit aroma. Complex and balanced structure, with prolonged freshness and a long, persistent aftertaste.

Sushi and Sashimi lovers are up for a food-pairing treat with Alvarinho. It is an excellent companion to seafood, e.g. crab and lobster.  Also yakitori and the lighter side of the Korean kitchen are great friends with the grape. You can also enjoy it with the glass noodle salads of the south-east like Vietnamese shredded chicken salad.
Winemaker: Reinaldo Pinho
Grapes: Alvarinho  Alcohol: 12,5 %  Acidity: 6,4g/L,  Sugar: 2,1 g/L,  pH: 3,1

ORIGIN: This wine is produced by Caves Campelo, located in Barcelos 90 km north of Porto. The estate has been producing wine since 1951. It disposes over 55 acers in the Vinho Verde region, exposed to the Atlantic ocean and its influence.

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