Pre-dinner Cocktails are the Italian invention of mixing fruit with sparkling wine. The result is the world famous Bellini, consisting of white peach puree and Prosecco, originally invented at Harry’s Bar in Venice. This ingenious cocktail has found fans in all parts of the world and is a fantastic pick-me-up and aperitif.
Our WA TOKYO BELLINI comes in two flavours and two bottle sizes.

The classic WA TOKYO BELLINI PEACH is true to the original recipe with peach puree and top-quality Prosecco. It has the great refreshing taste but without the trouble of mashing peaches. A great treat for any thirsty guest ready to start a great night on the town.
The WA TOKYO BELLINI STRAWBERRY is a new combination, just as refreshing as the peach version. Slightly higher natural acidity and with the globally loved unique sweet taste of red strawberries.
Both of the WA TOKYO BELLINI cocktails are a blend of high quality fruit puree, top-quality Prosecco.

Bottle size: 75cl and 20cl   Serving Temperature: 6-8° C
Grapes: Sparkling white wine Alcohol: 5 % , Sugar: 6g/L , Fruit: Peach 24% Strawberry 30%

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