IZAKAYA ROSÉ wine has a light rose color with bright tonalities. To the taste it is elegant and refreshing with notes of red fruits, integrating the fruitiness with a moderate acidity, giving a balanced finish.

iZAKAYA ROSÉ is  a versatile wine, as it pairs very well with many dishes. It is the perfect rosé wine to drink with the Asian cuisine, like fatty sushi, nigiri and maki, salmon, tuna and deep fried dishes. Its food-pairing versatility makes it a food-friendly option when eating a range of bite-sized foods, such as gyoza or dumplings. The wine is ideal as appetizer, it is also appropriate to join light meals, chinese food and fast-food.

Grapes: 70 % Tinta Roriz, 30 % Merlot 
Alcohol: 12 % Acidity: 5,2g/L, Sugar: 2,0g/L, pH: 3,2
Winemaker: Reinaldo Pinho

IZAKAYA ROSÉ is made by the CAVES CAMPELO ESTATES in the Vinho Verde district in northern Portugal.

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