The IZAKAYA FRIZZANTE has a pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections. Its bubbles are fine and light, clean and intense at smell. To the taste it is lightly fruity with apple and green fruit hints, a good structure and freshness.

FOOD PAIRING: The IZAKAYA FRIZZANTE is a pure delight as an aperitif or with appetizers or light courses. Try it with sushi, tempura, tofu or lightly grilled seafood. The residual sugar also makes it a great companion to moderately spicy heat.

Ripe grapes from the hillsides of Valdobbiadene in Northern Italy are fermented into this fresh white wine.
Grapes: Blend of white grapes Alcohol: 10,5 % Acidity: 5,5g/L, Sugar: 14 - 16g/L, PH: 3,3

ORIGIN: SERENA WINES was founded in Venice in 1881 by Pietro Serena. The Serena family has for the last 130 years been dedicated to the creation of high quality wines as well as for creating their own story through innovative projects.
Prosecco DOC Spumante is the most famous and popular variety  of the three kinds of wine from this DOC and has a fine long-lasting perlage. The name is derived from that of the Italian village of Prosecco near Trieste, where the grape and wine originated.
Prosecco DOC is produced in nine provinces spanning the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions. Prosecco DOC Treviso can only be made in the Treviso province of Veneto on the hills between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (north of Treviso).